September 08, 2010

A Bad Trend

Read some Carlos Miller, who is on top of this trend.

Police and Prosecuters are arresting/charging citizens for recording police officers.

Police should be recorded.  They should record themselves - which protects the officers from false allegations. Citizens should record their encounters will anyone from the Government, just to have a record of what occurred.

I don't believe this would apply to all situations - undercover officers need protection as an example. But these should be the rare exception and to pass the smell test, they need to be easily articulated to the citizenry.   If you cannot do that, then something is rotten in Mayberry.

Violators are typically charged with "Contempt of Cop".  There is no law, of course, covering this ... so they get together while you sit in a jail cell, and think of something.  Judges tend to dismiss these charges, but by then you could have been in jail all weekend, lost your job for failing to attend, had your medicine regiments screwed up and so on. 

Liberty dies from a thousand cuts.

Remember our revolution is fought at the ballot box, not with a powder box.

Via Reason Magazine