March 10, 2011

80% of Schools are Failing

via Glenn:
THE SOLUTION, OF COURSE, IS TO CHANGE THE LAW: “Education Secretary Arne Duncan told Congress on Wednesday that 82 percent of the nation’s public schools could be failing by next year under the standards of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law.

NY Times Story

My 2c.

If you were working at some store and your store was failing, you would loose your job, wouldn't you? If a company had 80% of its locations failing, wouldn't investors get out and let it fail?

NCLB is a standard approved thru debate by the wise men of our national congress.
(Ok so I just threw up in my fingers a bit for typing that.) But it is a standard.
To this point there have been stories of students suspended on test days, moved to other schools or even as the TV Show the Simpson's depicted, sent on special field trips on the test days.
But it is a standard.

I have a solution - which does not mean dumbing down the standard.

Stop paying the Principles.
If you school is on the failing list, you no longer get a pay check. You can't quit either - yet - we'll fire you when we want you gone. You owe us - you took the money, we want our results, otherwise it is theft of services.
Stop paying anyone who is an exempt administrator.

Parents need to recall the school boards at the next election.

Remember the starting point
"California, for example, had only 14 percent of students proficient in reading in 2002,..."

That word proficient - does not mean "expert" - it means a basic level to function as adults in our society.

They have been taking the federal money since '02 - where are our results?
Test scores are due later this summer.

About 35% of schools failed with the 2010 tests.

What is the standard?
Among 30 developed countries, USA ranks 25th Math, 21st Science.
In one category, we are number 1 - confidence.

"So you think most of the kids are getting a crappy education..."
"I don't think they are, I know they are.": Michelle Rhee Chancellor, DC Public Schools.

"About 60 thousand people went to the school in 4 years. 40 thousand didn't graduate. This is the damage this school has done to this neighborhood."