December 16, 2010

Can you defend your life in your home with lethal force?

Not necessarily according to the State of Georgia - they want the death penalty.

Fair v. State, Ga: Supreme Court 2010 - Google Scholar: "This is the second interim appellate review of two related cases in which the State seeks the death penalty. See Fair v. State, 284 Ga. 165 (664 SE2d 227) (2008). Antron Dawayne Fair and Damon Antwon Jolly are co-indictees who were originally charged with one count of malice murder and three counts of felony murder in connection with the shooting death of Bibb County Deputy Joseph Whitehead while he was on assignment as an investigator with the Middle Georgia Drug Task Force. The State contends that both defendants opened fire on Deputy Whitehead as he and other members of the Task Force and the Bibb County Drug Unit were executing a 'no-knock' warrant in the early morning hours of March 23, 2006."

 One to follow ..

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A homeowner who kills someone he reasonably believes is a burglar breaking into his home is eligible for the death penalty if it turns out the person is actually a police officer lawfully entering the home pursuant to a no-knock warrant