October 15, 2010

Government Censorship

I am in favor of censorship. Just not Government censorship. A parent or adult caregiver has a responsibility to censor the material their children have access to. I support the right of a magazine like Hustler to be printed, sold and read. I would never allow that magazine to be read by minor children in my home. Once they are adults, they need to decide for themselves.

This outrages me:

Washington State Ferries (WSF) censored, by banning the sale, a magazine they normally carried, Seattle Weekly. I have never read it. Why - Marta Coursey, WSF Spokesperson, said: "I thought it forwarded a disrespectful attitude toward a public figure."

Disrespectful ?!

What of "Piss Christ," , is that not "Disrespectful of a public figure?" We funded that thru our taxes.

Would a WSF employee prohibit someone from bringing the magazine in question onto a ferry, or into a terminal? Given what occurs in Florida on metro rail platforms, I would not be surprised in the slightest.