October 02, 2006

No No Knock Raids

"This is wrong. It's not only a reason why no-knock raids should be banned except in life-or-death situations, but it's also an example of how unfettered prosecutorial discretion is unfair and dangerous. In cases like this, there should be much more accountability for decisions to prosecute, or not to prosecute."

"I do not know who can speak for the "American People" - certainly not I - but street crime I can handle, whereas if I resist the ninja I will almost certainly perish. No reasonably competent man need be afraid of crumby little punks in big cities, but those people in black masks breaking down your doors in the small hours of the morning and backed up by armored vehicles and helicopters are too much for the householder, even if they do tend to be overweight and bad shots."
- Jeff Cooper

"I thought it was fully understood by now that when making an arrest you do not tell the suspect to do anything - such as raise his hands, drop his gun, or turn around. You tell him not to do anything - to remain absolutely stationary. When the sheriff who killed Donald Scott told Scott to drop his gun, Scott moved his hand, whereupon he was killed. That may have been exactly what the sheriff wanted, but Scott was guilty of no crime and only appeared with a pistol in his hand when people broke into his house without warning, which is a perfectly natural reaction.

I note with some dismay that the deputy in question has been exonerated of all suspicion in this occasion."
- Jeff Cooper